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Whillo B Whippets & Tibetan Spaniels is located in Boynton Beach, Florida and owned by Gloria Stochek.

As a child, I was raised with a terrible conflict about how I felt about dogs. My father loved dogs but every dog she ever met terrified my mother. By the time I was 13 years old, my family had moved to the suburbs and my father insisted that we have a dog.  After much searching, it was agreed that a Beagle would be the perfect dog for all and a 12-week old puppy was brought home.  I soon overcame my fear of dogs and a life long love affair ensued.

Many years have passed and in 1980, had a pair of Shih Tzu and made the decision to bring in another breed so 3 Tibetan Spaniels joined the family.  In those days, my kennel was known, as Zchao Tibbies I planned to breed and show Tibbies not Shih Tzu, and Whippets hadnít entered the picture yet.  I even served a term as a Board Member in the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America (TSCA).

If you go to the Tibetan Spaniel button, you can see some of the Tibbies with whom I have shared my life. 

Now, in retirement, I only have one Tibbie at home.  American/Canadian Champion Waome N Whillo Bís Dreamweaver (aka CAT) who was #5 Ranked Tibetan Spaniel in Canada in 2001.  CAT, the Tibbie with a Capital ATTITUDE, was a gift from my dear friends Linda & Larry Matthews, Waome, in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

Nearly every Tibbie that lived in my home held obedience titles and two are in the American Kennel Club (AKC) studbook as Foundation Stock.  TSCA CH Tsingay Tam-bo-lin, CD was the logo dog for TSCA for many years.  His bloodlines are in my beloved CAT.

Buddha was featured in the August 1983 issue of Dog World when the breed was given full AKC recognition as a part of the Non-Sporting Group.  He appears in the pedigrees of many of America's finest Tibbies and was co-owned with the late, Betty Rosen (Bet'R). 

Undoubtedly, by this time you are wondering, "So how did Gloria get into Whippets?"  Easy to explain!! 

Betty Rosen was not only one of the top Tibbie breeders in the country; she was the most loving and generous people on the face of the earth.  Once she became aware of the plight of the racing (NGA) Greyhounds, she took on the monumental task of rescuing some 1800 of these wonderful dogs. Her untimely death from Cancer was, and to this day, remains, a tremendous loss on all levels. 

Do press the Greyhound Button to meet the dogs who started me on the sport that led me to my love for the beautiful Whippet.



Needless to day, one day, a Greyhound (GH) moved into my home.  Topaz was a healthy Track Rescue who loved to run thus the sport of Coursing became an additional venue for doing things with the dogs.  What a thrill it was to see Topaz and later, Misty, running for the joy of it all.  I was now hooked on fast sighthounds.

I started out doing some Provisional Judging but in the end, decided that I didnít enjoy judging and all I wanted was a smaller dog than a GH but fast dog to handle at coursing meets.  I had and still do have arthritis in my hands. The Whippet entered my life.

In retrospect, GHs are much easier to handle at running events than whippets that pull, jump, lunge, and become totally obsessed at anything that moves Ė but that had to be learned.

I think itís almost universally held that Whippets are like potato chips; you simply can't stop with one.  And that performance sports had to be invented for the Whippet.  Whillo B Whippets & Tibetan Spaniels had spectacular performance whippets and added NPR/WRA Racing and NOTRA racing to their activities.  All the time still obedience training the ever-increasing number of dogs in living in my home as competitive canines who are pets.

When it came time to think about breeding My AWC Versatility Titled Whippet Bitch, FC Chaparralís Bialy B Gone, CD, ARM, ORC, FCh, SC, CGC, AV, I imported a dog from Germany.  He was selected for his pedigree which offered race and show champions.  Bialy was only able to have one litter but her 7 pups were aspect of Whillo B's breed improvement program. All the litters sired by this male, produced male pups with 2-normally descended testicles Ė a definite breed improvement where this has been a major problem.

Today, I co-own a South African Show Champions with Jo Robertson, Merlanjo.  In 1999, I spent three weeks in South Africa. She brought 2 lovely bitches back to grace the confirmation ring and running venues available in the United States. They are co-owned by Vicki Macy.

To see Whillo B's beautiful and accomplished Whippets, please press the Whippet Button.

Welcome to Whillo B Whippets & Tibetan Spaniels.

Whillo B Whippets & Tibetan Spaniels is a member of the following: Members of the American Whippet Club (AWC), Tibetan Spaniel Club of America (TSCA), Canadian Tibetan Spaniel Club (CTSC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), New Zealand Kennel Club, and the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA).