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Bet'R Zchao Hua Chu

DOB 09/29/82, Call Name: Cricket
By: TSCA Ch Tsingay Tam-Bo-Lin, CD x TSCA Ch Kempton Peony




These are photos of Cricket as she was approaching her 16th birthday.

In 1984 she was bred to CH Calamalca Cassidy (British import) was the first Tibetan Spaniel to earn the AKC Championship when the breed began to compete in the Non-Sporting Group in January 1984. Casey was Best of Breed at the AKC Centennial Show in 1984 and was owned by Herbert Rosen and the late Betty Rosen, of Lutherville, Maryland (BET'R Tibbies).

Cricket earned her CD in 3 AKC Obedience Trials and was High Scoring Tibbie at the 1984 AKC Centennial Obedience Trial.

She, like her sire (Buddha) is listed as foundation stock in the AKC studbook.

Cricket's last public appearance was for the parade of treasured Tibbies during the 1998 Potomac Valley Tibetan Spaniel Club (PVTSP) Tournament of Tibbies held at our home. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in October 1998

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