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Whillo Bīs P O Blu Prune, JC, CRX

DOB 08/26/96, Call Name: Prune
By: Northern Wolf vom rauhen Meer SC, FCH, CR (German Import) x FC Chaparral's Bialy B Gone CD, SC, ARM, ORC, FCH, CGC, AV,

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Here are some thoughts Judy Lowther has about Prune. Prune spent a few months as her guest in 1998. He was racing in the Mid-West.

"Gloria asked me to write something about Prune............Prune, oh what can be said about this wonderful Whippet?   That he's a very striking blue/white, that he runs like the wind, that he is a most perfect cuddler, and an absolute gentleman. Well he does have one *small* flaw, Gloria says he doesn't like obedience.

And he is a thief, he stole my heart the first time I saw him.  Gloria walked into the room and said this is Pruney.............I took one look, and said "now that one I could take home".   And miracle of miracles Gloria consented to let him go, for a while.

Prune spent three months of 1998 in Cleveland with the Whippets of Pfyre.  He taught me about racing, it is ever so much more fun if you have a competitive dog to learn with. His season ended a little early, with a *not too serious* injury."

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