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Comet's Ta-Batha B Witched

ARM, FCH, 12 ORC points
DOB 3/9/89, Call Name: Tabby
By: Allegro's Rocky Top, ARM, ORC x Comet's Teara of Joy, FCH

(click here to see the complete 4 generation pedigree)


Tabby holds ARM Certificate Number 266. It was earned in July 1991. Due to 2 simultaneously broken toes she got while coursing at a JRR meet she never finished her ORC

She lost a whole year recuperating from that injury. She picked up several points before retiring from competitive racing.

Tabby was 2nd Place Winner of the Hampton Roads Whippet Club IRON WHIPPET COMPETITION in September 1991 (only .5 point out of first place.)


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